Shipping Instructions
for Clients in Ontario & Quebec


  • Check off the "Puropak" box on the waybill.
  • Check off the "Bill to Receiver" box on the Purolator waybill (otherwise, Purolator will send the bill to YOU!).
  • Use the HISTOVET account number 4181044 instead of any account number that your clinic may have with Purolator.
  • Declare the value of your shipment at $100.
  • Use the plastic pouches that we supply, being sure to put the submission form in the side pouch instead of in with the specimen bottle (which, if it leaks, can destroy the form and all of the necessary identification).


  • Do not indicate a package weight of more than 2 pounds.
  • Do not identify shipment as "dangerous goods".
  • Do not check off "Ship by Ground" or "Ship by Air".
  • Do not use Purolator cardboard envelopes ("Puroletters"). They are less durable, more expensive, and no faster. The plastic Puropaks (available from either Purolator or HISTOVET) are greatly preferred.
  • Do not check off the box for 9:00, 10:30 or Saturday delivery. This is much more expensive and does not result in any faster results for you.
  • Do not declare a value greater than $100 unless you are prepared to pay the premium.

For questions call toll free: 1-800-853-PATH (7284) or 519-822-4486. Alternatively, e-mail us at